por: Lucia Malla Antigos, Ciência, Mallices

(Trechos dos agradecimentos da minha tese de doutorado/PhD. Uma das expedições mais instigantes da minha vida, sem dúvida alguma. Obrigada de coração, afinal, a todos que de alguma forma participaram da viagem do doutorado. Principalmente, me animaram a persistir.)

“A Ph.D. is a journey in a rough sea. As in all memorable expeditions, there is more to learn while traveling towards the final destination than at the destination itself. In several ways, it is the path and how you face the unexpected obstacles in this path that makes you a Doctor.

Agradecimentos do doutorado

The Ph.D. expedition does not allow an easy ride. While you travel through the waves and storms of your topic, figuring out a lot on and about yourself, you also encounter along the way people that make your stressful journey happier, nicer, safer, funnier and – why not – more challenging. They provided the emotional background that is not described in a scientific document.

In my Ph.D. journey, these are the people about whom I’ll talk years ahead to friends, to whom I will silently smile when the nostalgic waves of the Ph.D. path break in the shores of my life. They are the unforgettable people that allowed me to arrive safe and sound in Doctorland.


Lastly, but far from least, a special thank you to my online and offline friends. During the Ph.D. journey, when the seas were really rough, your relaxing words posted on twitter or facebook walls, in blog comments, or during countless happy hours pointed me to esteemed perspectives required for a safe journey.

(…) And the cheerful reminder that the Ph.D. journey, although rough, one day reaches the academic hub from where many other new and exciting journeys may depart.”

  • Curioso(a) pelo que escrevi no final das contas? Leia então a tese e o texto completo dos agradecimentos aqui.